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We were together for 3 1/2 years, and I guess I'm kind of a pushover when it comes to making important decisions. I kind of just waddled through the relationship, I always just listened to her, stopped talking to everyone else but her, never allowed to have a spine. I guess being an adult never really hit me the way I thought it would...

Today, she screamed at me when we were discussing when I was going to propose to her, and I tried to suggest that I wasn't ready. This kind of behavior was kind of normal, for her. If I did anything she didn't like, she'd get very angry, then just mess with me, calling me names, then ignoring me, and it hurt. When she started, I told her quietly that I didn't love her anymore. She stopped, and looked at me. I said it again, louder, feeling better about my decision to finally say it. Man, it was such a good feeling: suddenly not afraid to be hit or yelled at, because it no longer mattered. To keep more personal details aside, I managed to get to her leave my apartment, and now I'm free.
Of course, now I have no friends. None of them supported my decision, simply because she's hot. One (whom shall go unnamed) ALREADY left my and is now going out with her, tonight. I had to leave all my friends to be with her, all the rest are hers.

I'm not posting this to get sympathy or anyone else to get all defendant in my case, I just wanted to see if anyone here would be nice enough to talk or anything of the sort.
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